Now, it is time to tell a bit about us. We would like you to know us better beyond the photograph stories that we usually tell.

I am José Teixeira, best known as Zé, according to custom. I am on my way to become 50, however, I am not scared by age, only by the speed with which my children grow up.

I embarked on this adventure by a mere chance brought to me by life. I was away from my professional activity and being free for too long time, I joined some photographic adventures, far from imagining that weddings would become my other passion. Between sessions and challenges I began photographing friends‘ weddings and my photos eventually showed a more natural side that was not so usual. After a long research of works of other photographers we realised that it was possible a natural language in the world of wedding and step by step we were falling in love with this work.

The truth is one needs to enjoy the daily activity because only this way we succeed in holding the passion when looking to a wedding that is not ours. They are unique days and the responsibility on this side is so much and we could not be more thankful for that. We are happy and passionate for what we do.


Hi, I am Catarina, this project speaker and dreamer.

I’ve always heard that it is good there is someone unbalancing the natural meaning of life and that one is me. Passionate about life and the gifts life brings me, I have Santiago and Maria (a daughter from the heart), I could not hope for more, even with the headaches proper of each age.

How did I embark on this journey? I was quietly working in the world of the publicity agencies and Zé was challenging me to help him creating and setting the scenarios for the sessions. Then, we used to go with plenty photographs and inspirational props and therefore litlle by little we managed to distinguish ourselves. Our Art Books were a true challenge and the sessions a true source of inspiration, those who did these, still recall them with affection.When we purchased the second camera I left a little bit the support, and the passion I had for photography put me be side by side with Zé and with him I am learning everyday.We joined our passions and challenges and here we are telling a bit of our story, so that one day we will be telling yours.

Life and passion trace our path, we only have to grab them with passion.This was not the path we dreamt about once, after all this is nowadays the path we dream about every day. To say thank you is to say the least to thank all who believe in us



The history of “It’s all about...”

We started as José Teixeira Photography, but one day we found that it made no sense anymore. Our path was thus being built but we grew up as a team and in passion; and from it arose the “It’s all about … love, dream day, happy day ...“ an endless number of uses.

In this new message nothing made more sense to us than the one of the dream catchers, moment catchers, catchers of stories, inspirations and dreams ... and because we are not against changes we thought it was time to become even closer and so we have changed our logo.


Why the hands?

We feel more and more closer and the hands are the strength of our union. We are hands in hands with each other, with life and also a symbol of passion and connection to the bride and groom.

We are of bonds, of affections and the hands are our brand. It was challenging to think how to represent us in a logo and we could not reach a better consent than with our hands.

Thus, we will continue to embrace life hand in hand.

A special thanks to Diana Nobre for having illustrated us so well.


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